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Danny Choi, PGA


  • Director of Danny Choi Golf Academy

  • Official member of the PGA of America since 2007

  • PGA Certified in Golf Instructor


  • Mizuno Certified Club Fitter

  • TPI Certified Instructor

  • US Kids Golf Certified Instructor


Danny Choi has been in the golf industry for the past 20 years as a tournament player, instructor, and club fitting expert. In the past decade, he has dedicated himself to managing golf instructional programs and delivering excellent oflf academy programs.

To Players, from beginning to advanced, Danny diagnoses swing problems very quickly and provide solutions and drills. Danny works with video camera swing analyze systems to realize how to develop directional control and maximize distance. Moreover, Danny will customize your own personalized program to help you achieve your goals, regardless of your golfing skill level

The Philosophy

I believe each person has their own approach to learning. My role is to understand your style and provide the communication in order to maximize your learning potential.

Together, based on your goals, motivations and abilities, I will create and individualized road map to your success. The plan would be achievable and understandable at all times.

Playing better golf is not just about hitting balls on the driving range. Smart practice is not the same as a lot of practice.

The more things we can do well earlier,the fewer things we have to correct later.

I will take a full inventory of your current skills and monitor your progress through all areas of your game. Whatever your skill level and whatever your goals are, we will develop a program that will accomplish your needs.

We look forward to helping you reach your goals in golf.

See you soon!

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